An online multiplayer ZZT revival, written in Coffeescript using Node.js and EaselJS.


Your only weapon is a gun that fuses your enemies.

Super Kicking Robo Idol Irena

An idol with the power of kicking. Not... very finished.

Bonehead Bounce

Created for Flappy Jam, bounce from flower to flower in this Bonk-inspired game.

Army of Gnone

Guide an army of greedy gnomes to treasure in this puzzle platformer created for Ludum Dare 29

Bieb-Ar and the Chamber of Eternity

I don't know. I found this thing in a garage sale and it's half broken. You have to cheat to win. Created for Ludum Dare 28


Click, swipe and waggle to avoid obstacles and collect pollen in this minimal action game created for Ludum Dare 26.


Guide your hamster to the end of the race in this math game. Playable on phones and tablets.

The Monsters Will Show You The Way

You are a frog in a dark forest. Make your way to the other side in this puzzle-platform game.


You are the last of your kind, the zomega. Find a way to enter the house in this adventure game created for Ludum Dare 25.

This Cosmic Dance

Help Finn and Jake gather Royal Tarts and save Princess Bubblegum's head in this action puzzle game created for the Adventure Time Game Jam.

Seed 1,801,360

Explore an alien world in this first-person adventure game. Created for Ludum Dare 24.

Pin Party

Gather angels to dance on the head of a pin in this twin-stick style score attack shooter. Created for Ludum Dare 23.

Alone Together

Tactical Romance Action. Find a private spot for some romance while avoiding other partygoers. Created for Ludum Dare 22.

Slip Away

Slip Away is an atmospheric platformer built around the theme of 'escape'. Created for Ludum Dare 21.

Pitch In

In this simple, two-button puzzle game, you play a game of hot potato for the fate of humanity. Pass trash back and forth to fuel your ship's engine and escape a doomed Earth. Created for Ludum Dare 20.

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